by muto

(i) Company/Corporate

This department mainly deals with the establishment, day to day running and legal compliance requirements of both Limited and unlimited companies, Partnership organizations, NGOs, Independent Government Institutions amongst others.

The firm has been engaged in the set-up of various entities guided by the managing partner who has extensive knowledge and experience in Corporate and commercial transactions. Currently, the firm plays a legal advisory role to various organizations and personnel in their day to day commercial ventures. The firm is proud to have supported the negotiation, preparation and execution of major Commercial Contracts and Agreements in various sectors such as Senior Facility Agreements towards Renewable Energy projects, Share/Stock Purchase and Shareholder Agreements geared towards Corporate Restructure, Conversion of private entities into Public legal entities, just to mention but a few.

A good example is the successful completion of the negotiation and implementation of a Senior Secured Facility on behalf of Pawame Group of Companies and Benvell (Hong Kong) Limited. This exercise was conducted alongside Aria-Grace Law of the United Kingdom and availed USD1M, towards the expansion of Pawame’s renewable energy business aimed at improving livelihood in economically challenged households in rural Kenya.

The firm also enjoys a wide array of clients in the Start-Up world and has overseen the set-up and growth of various start-ups into mature, recognizable companies in their various sectors. Alyona Limited and Asilimia Mobile Application are just but some of these clients.

(ii) Labour relations/ Employment Law

This sub-department handles Labour/Employment law matters, spanning from engagement documentation, termination and/or dismissal, employee benefits and preparation/negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements. The firm relies on the experience of its lead and consultant partners to advise its clients on such matters and goes out of the way to involve Labour officials whenever necessary.

Currently, the department has a wide range of clients ranging from established firms to successful start-up ventures such as Toto health Limited and Superior Group of Hotels.

(iii) Intellectual property

The firm has structured this division in such a way that it target both individual and corporate entities seeking to register and/or protect intellectual property rights locally and internationally. The firm does this through recognition of the various IP registration global systems such as Madrid Aripo system alongside locally available legislation.

Some of the common services under this section are:

  • Registration of various rights under Copyright, Trademark or Patent
  • Review of associated commercial documents and issuing legal opinion to clients
  • Advising and litigating on behalf of the client